WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.), and James Lankford (R-Okla.) today introduced the Domestic Manufacturing Protection Act, legislation that would hold the world’s worst polluters to the same standard as the United States—ensuring American manufacturing and jobs are not sacrificed while other nations get a free pass.

“The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement allowed the world’s biggest polluters a free pass while sacrificing American manufacturing jobs,” Inhofe said.  “That’s why I urged President Trump to pull out of the bad deal.  Now, the Biden administration plans to not only recommit, but build upon this failed agreement.  That’s why I am introducing the Domestic Manufacturing Protection Act, which holds China, India and Russia to the same standard as the United States.

Inhofe continued, “China and Russia are our greatest threats in national security and in economic competition.  If we don’t want China to ‘eat our lunch’ as President Biden said, then we need to challenge them at every turn.  Passing my Domestic Manufacturing Protection Act is a good step in that effort because we can’t risk a one-sided climate restriction that would give them a leg up on economic growth and trade.”

“President Biden’s plan to recommit to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement will kill American manufacturing and jobs all while China, India, and Russia continue being the world’s biggest polluters,” Tillis said.   “They must be held to the same standards that the United States is forced to adhere to.  We can’t allow China, India, and Russia to have unfair opportunities for economic growth, which is why I’m proud to partner with Senator Inhofe to introduce legislation to hold these polluters accountable and protect American jobs.”

“China, Russia, and India are among the world’s biggest polluters, yet the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement refuses to take any real actions to hold them accountable.  Meanwhile, jobs in Mississippi and across the nation will be sacrificed,” Hyde-Smith said.  “I’m pleased to join my colleagues in an effort to protect jobs here at home, to promote domestic energy reliance, and to ensure these mega-polluters are held to the same standards as the United States.”

“We can have clean air and water and still empower American industries to flourish,” said Lankford.  “We should not crush American industry and raise our consumer prices trying to cancel out other nations’ emissions.  We should encourage manufacturing and mining here because we do it far cleaner than Russia or China.  Let American industries thrive while we protect God’s creation together.”

The Domestic Manufacturing Protection Act would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing any new greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rules or regulations until China, Russia, and India each adhere to the same emission reduction targets of the Paris Agreement as required by the United States. 


A copy of the legislation is available here.