Photo of American soldiers holding up flag and silhouetted by the sun in the background

Senator Hyde-Smith is committed to fulfilling the constitutional responsibility to “provide for the common defense” of the United States, including by ensuring the availability of the resources necessary to rebuild America’s military and maximize readiness.

Senator Hyde-Smith is proud of Mississippi’s enduring support of the Armed Forces.  She is committed to strengthening the state’s significant contributions to national defense, including Air Force bases and Navy installations, the Army National Guard’s primary mobilization installation, a premiere Special Operations training center, a leading Air Force aeromedical evacuation unit, numerous National Guard installations, and Department of Defense supercomputer capabilities.

Senator Hyde-Smith is also grateful for the work of defense industry employees in Mississippi to produce the best equipment and services for the men and women who protect our nation.

Trade war hits home

The Enterprise-Toscin, Indianola
Trade war hits home
China’s counterpunch could land right in county’s breadbasket
By Bryan Davis, publisher
Not much of what happens in Sunflower County has anything to do with the price of tea in China.
But a lot of what happens here, as well as in other...

Opinion | Why does Congress quit in August?

Memphis Commercial Appeal
Opinion | Why does Congress quit in August?
Cindy Hyde-Smith, Guest columnist
The congressional tradition of escaping the nation’s capital in August dates back to the time before air conditioning when Senators would race home before the summer heat reached its peak.