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Senator Hyde-Smith supports federal policies to foster an economic environment that encourages job growth in Mississippi and the nation.  She supports the tax cuts and reforms enacted by President Trump and the Republican-majority Congress.  She believes in eliminating burdensome federal regulations that hinder small businesses, farmers, and industry.

The Senator supports policies and opportunities to continue and expand Mississippi’s ability to contribute to national security, high-tech research, agricultural innovation, and energy production.

Senator Hyde-Smith welcomes opportunities to work with local, state, and federal officials to make Mississippi a better place to work and raise families.

Trade war hits home

The Enterprise-Toscin, Indianola
Trade war hits home
China’s counterpunch could land right in county’s breadbasket
By Bryan Davis, publisher
Not much of what happens in Sunflower County has anything to do with the price of tea in China.
But a lot of what happens here, as well as in other...

Rosedale Ports Given Funding for Dredging

Bolivar Commercial
Rosedale Ports Given Funding for Dredging
By Courtney Warren
On Monday, the Corps of Engineers released its FY2018 Work Plan, which outlines additional funding for ongoing Civil Works projects, investing an additional $55.9 million in Mississippi to support infrastructure...