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Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith talks reelection, COVID vaccine and presidential race

By Sarah Ulmer -November 10, 2020

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith spoke to Y’all Politics about her recent reelection, the current debacle over the Presidential race and recent selection of Mitch McConnell to represent the Senate majority once again.

“I’m feeling very relieved for myself, very concerned for the President,” said Hyde-Smith. “But we’re just glad it’s over the people have spoken. We’ve got a six year term in front of us, glad about that and glad to be back at work.”

Hyde-Smith defeated Mike Espy (D) for the second time in a row.

She said some of the obstacles of the campaign trail came from commercials and radio ads run by her opponent. She said she was not alone as a Republican battling increased reporting on Democratic candidates across the nation.

“We just got on our message out. We got on that bus and we went across the state,” said Hyde-Smith. “I have been elected statewide previously and I had a reputation out there. People knew I was going to be conservative, that I was going to work hard for them. That eventually played out at the ballot box.”

Coming into a new term, Hyde-Smith said continued focus would be on COVID-19 and getting a vaccine out there. She said estimations are that the vaccine will be made available by the middle of January. Current reports show 90 percent effectiveness for those who take it.

She said the plan now is to make sure that all Mississippians especially those at risk have access to the vaccine in a timely manner.

While Hyde-Smith was able to secure her seat in Mississippi’s Senate, the future of the presidency still hangs in the balance. Republican members of the Mississippi Delegation have spoken out in support of the President’s investigation into potential voter fraud.

Hyde-Smith said they want transparency in the election with illegal votes thrown out. At this time, there is no timeline on how long it will take to present the evidence but they believe within the next couple weeks a case will be made.

Republicans are also hopeful to hold the majority in the Senate regardless of the outcome of the presidential race. Hyde-Smith said that maintaining control of the Senate would keep the Democratic party from trying to do things like increase the nine member Supreme Court and make Puerto Rico and D.C. a state.

“If we do not win the White House, at least the Senate would be the firewall to those things, like the Green new Deal. So it is really really important that we maintain control of the Senate for conservative values and things that are on the line,” said Hyde-Smith.

Hyde-Smith said Republicans also took time to elect their Caucus this morning. She said it remained the same as before the election, including Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader.

“Mitch McConnell really led us through the impeachment and he led us through getting two Supreme Court Justices seated. There was no opposition whatsoever of him being the Majority Leader,” said Hyde-Smith.