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Hyde-Smith: Leak of Pentagon documents ‘very serious business’

Video: Mississippi senator responds to leaked Pentagon documents

By Charles Herrington

CAMP SHELBY, Miss. (WDAM) - Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is reacting to the recent leak of Pentagon documents.

The loss of dozens of classified documents linked to the war in Ukraine is being investigated by federal authorities.

“This is very serious business,” Hyde-Smith said.

More than four dozen documents were leaked, many of them labeled, “TOP SECRET.”

They were posted online and revealed details of United States spying on Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine and assessments of Ukraine’s combat strength.

Intelligence gathering on U.S. allies, like South Korea and Israel, also was leaked.

Hyde-Smith said she wants to find the person, or persons, who leaked the documents.

“I think we should absolutely focus all of our attention on identifying who that leaker is and punishment that is due to that leaker, because we cannot have this and have a secure country,” Hyde-Smith said.

Hyde-Smith was at Camp Shelby Wednesday for a ceremony honoring Vietnam War veterans.