Democrat Election Takeover Bill Gives Politicians $6 for Every $1 They Raise 

051121 S.1 Rural Hospitals
VIDEO:  Hyde-Smith Offers Amendment Redirecting Government Funding of Campaigns to Rural Hospitals.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) today introduced an amendment to benefit rural hospitals by giving them the funding earmarked in the Democrat’s election takeover bill to pay for government-funded political campaigns.

“At a time when we have so many competing priorities for federal funding—and a ballooning national debt going out of sight, we need to dedicate taxpayer funds to the real challenges confronting our communities, not to help politicians pay for their campaigns,” Hyde-Smith said.  “This amendment would take the money that this bill wants to put toward political campaigns and instead use that money to help shore up our struggling rural hospitals.”

S.1 authorizes government funding for political campaigns, providing $6 of federal money for every $1 raised by a political candidate.

The Hyde-Smith amendment would take the funding directed to the government financing of political campaigns and redirects that funding toward rural hospitals.

Democrats on the Senate Rules and Administration Committee blocked the Hyde-Smith amendment as part of the panel’s markup of the Democrats’ election reform scheme.