Delta Democrat Times (Greenville, MS)

Ground Broken for New Courthouse

By Staff Reports 

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), U.S. District Courts for the Northern District of Mississippi, U.S. Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith, U.S. Congressman Bennie Thompson and Mayor Errick D. Simmons joined for a groundbreaking event to announce the start of construction for the new U.S. Courthouse in Greenville’s historic downtown area. The kick-off event, signified by the shoveling of dirt at the project site, represents their collaboration in bringing the construction start to fruition.

“GSA is proud to partner with our colleagues in the judiciary branch, congressional leaders and the Greenville community to deliver a state-of-the-art facility for the U.S. District Courts for the Northern District of Mississippi,” said GSA Public Buildings Service Commissioner Nina M. Albert. “Upon the completion of construction, the courthouse will be a compelling piece of architecture that reflects the dignity, enterprise, and vigor of the United States and will serve as a source of community pride for the City of Greenville, Mississippi.”

“The new Greenville courthouse will be a landmark in the Mississippi Delta and can play an important role in revitalizing downtown Greenville,” U.S. Senator Roger Wicker said.  “This groundbreaking is a testament to the strong local and national partnerships that have made this possible over the course of years past. I look forward to the role this courthouse will play in modernizing government services.”

“The federal judiciary and the city of Greenville have waited for years for this new federal building," said U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. "We now celebrate the construction start for a beautiful courthouse with functional space for the federal judiciary, law enforcement, and other services. I look forward to its completion and the role it will play in revitalizing downtown Greenville.”

“On behalf of Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District, I am elated to offer my support for the groundbreaking of the new federal courthouse in Greenville, MS. The new building will brighten the city even more and provide a functional structure for government and justice,” said U.S. Congressman Bennie Thompson. “Downtown Greenville will continue to be a place of attraction for businesses and people abroad, and I am ecstatic to witness the courthouse groundbreaking on August 26, 2022. A lot of hard work went into the construction of this building, and I am excited about the camaraderie and support of this project.”

“This groundbreaking ceremony is a pivotal and long-awaited moment for the Northern District of Mississippi and so many others who will benefit from the presence of the new federal courthouse in Greenville,” said Chief District Judge Debra Brown. “The project will not only address critical functional and security needs in our court operations but produce a stunning architectural landmark evolving the rich history of federal courts in this country; stimulate economic growth and opportunities in the Mississippi Delta; deliver a public forum for the administration of justice; and inspire future generations for untold years. We are extremely grateful for the steadfast and instrumental support of our congressional leaders and the outstanding teams at GSA and the Administrative Office of Courts dedicated to making this project a reality.”

“The new federal courthouse in our downtown is a legacy project that will change the face of Greenville for decades. This courthouse shows how local and federal partnerships matter in maximizing federal investments in supporting the economic vision of local communities across the country,” said Greenville Mayor Errick D. Simmons. “It has and will continue to serve as an economic catalyst to spur local and private investments in our downtown and Greenville entirely. This project adds to the over $300 million dollars in local, state, federal, and private investments we have seen during this administration. We applaud the commitments of the late Senator Thad Cochran, Senator Roger Wicker, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, Congressman Bennie G. Thompson, the federal judiciary in the Northern District, GSA, Greenville City Council, and all who played a vital part in making this a reality.”

New Courthouse Details:
•  The new federal courthouse will be located on a 2.5 acre site in the city’s original central business district near the east bank of the Mississippi River. 
•  The facility will have two courtrooms (one district and one magistrate) and three judicial chambers (one district, one magistrate and one visiting). 
•  Tenant agencies include the U.S. District Court, U.S. Clerk of the Court for the Northern District of Mississippi, U.S. Magistrate Court, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Probation, Federal Public Defender, U.S. Attorneys and GSA.
•  Construction of the new U.S. Courthouse will begin in September 2022. The completion date is set for Summer 2024.

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