Congressional Record (Senate – March 23, 2019)

Mrs. HYDE-SMITH. Mr. President, I am pleased to commend Woods Eastland of Indianola, MS, for his service and contributions while serving as the 83rd president of Delta Council.

Founded in 1935, Delta Council is a widely respected economic development organization representing business, professional, and agricultural leaders in the Delta region of Mississippi. I commend the Delta Council for its continuing role in improving the quality of life in this unique part of our Country.

Woods Eastland's tenure as Delta Council president began in June 2018. Under Mr. Eastland's leadership, the Delta region has benefitted from his extensive experience in farm policy, water resource issues, and economic and community development, among other major issues that Delta Council addresses.

Mr. Eastland graduated from Vanderbilt University and earned a juris doctorate from the University of Mississippi. A Navy veteran, Eastland began farming following his military service. He was also CEO of StaplCotn for over 24 years, where he led the largest cotton marketing firm in the United States, headquartered in Greenwood, MS. Upon his retirement, he became Chairman of the Board for another 8 years. In addition to Delta Council, Eastland serves his church, community, and Delta region through numerous leadership roles.

I am pleased to offer congratulations to Woods Eastland and to share this appreciation with his wife Lynn, their two children, and grandchildren, at the time of the 84th annual meeting of the membership of Delta Council in June.