Congressional Record Vol. 169, No. 163
(Senate - October 4, 2023) PDF

  Mrs. HYDE-SMITH. Madam President, I am honored to pay tribute to the 
memory of a true American hero, Jacklyn ``Jack'' Harrell Lucas.

  Jack, a long-time resident of Mississippi, and the youngest marine to 
ever receive the Medal of Honor, left an indelible mark on American 
history. During the Battle of Iwo Jima, Jack jumped between two live 
grenades to shield three of his fellow marines from the explosion. This 
act of heroism caused him significant injuries. Even after his time in 
the military, Jack continued to inspire generations through his 
commitment to veterans' causes and his advocacy for those who suffered 
in service to their country. Jack Lucas took his final salute on June 
5, 2008, in Hattiesburg, MS, leaving behind his wife, their five 
children, and a legacy of patriotism and service to this Nation.

  On October 7, 2023, the Navy will commission its first Arleigh Burke 
Flight III guided-missile destroyer. DDG-125 will bear the name of this 
distinguished son of Mississippi, Jack. H. Lucas. The USS Jack H. Lucas 
was built at Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, MS, further highlighting 
Mississippi's commitment to the defense of the United States.

  Jack's heroism will continue to inspire generations of Americans for 
years to come. As we reflect upon the life of Jack H. Lucas, let us 
honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to upholding the principles 
for which he so bravely fought.