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Mississippi: Thank Senator Hyde-Smith for Opposing the ERA

April 9, 2021

Senators Hyde-Smith and Inhofe Declare ERA is Bad for Women

Earlier this week, Senators Hyde-Smith and Inhofe penned an opinion piece defending the nation against radical efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.
As you are probably aware, since last April, Eagle Forum has been tracking the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. House of Representatives. Democrats and ERA activists have falsely claimed only one state is left to pass the ERA.

Upon passage in 1972, the ERA was sent to the states for ratification. 38 states needed to pass the amendment within seven years. In that time frame, only 35 states passed the ERA and 5 states rescinded their ratifications (Nebraska, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky, South Dakota). The ERA failed ratification and in 1982 the Supreme Court in NOW v. Idaho ruled that the ERA was dead.

More recently, the House of Representatives passed H. Res. 17 to remove the ERA’s ratification deadline. This manner of ratification has been proven wrong by many different individuals and even the D.C. Federal District Court.

If ratified this amendment will allow men identifying as women to legally usurp women’s rights. Their access to women’s sports teams, women’s nursing rooms, and women’s domestic violence shelters (just to name a few) puts women’s privacy and safety in jeopardy. The ERA will also expand and mandate abortion access through tax-payer funding.

That’s why at Eagle Forum, we are grateful for Senator Hyde-Smith and Senator Inhofe for voicing their opposition to the ERA. Please join us in thanking your Senator for standing in opposition to the ERA and voicing its dangers.

To read the Fox News piece, click here.